Transforms our customer's business journey into a seamless experience, across the world by delivering the most convenience and fantastic service.

MFM Synergy Sdn Bhd works with a number of the world’s most respected organizations in the merchant services industry. We know what it takes to get a valid and trusted payment system. We provide multiple payment solutions for all our customers, for all countries, no matter where you are based.

Our solutions include accepting all major credit cards, multiple currency processing, automated current-rate conversions, and integration with many popular merchant providers.

Payment System Account Integration

MFM Synergy has transformed the global retail Fintech market by developing products which give them the tools they needed such as Serverless and AI, at a fraction of the cost. MFM Synergy has developed and hosted ours owns Cloud Server And Management Tools for a suite of products and services which help Fintech Ideas to be realized faster in the ever-growing AI World.

Hosting Server Management

Cloud Server Management

At MFM Synergy we have led the charge into the new world of responsive web design. The fact is that mobile browsing has surpassed desktop web browsing, and various (and better) devices are being released almost monthly. Responsive web design has become a critical component for many companies, as Google has moved from encouraging sites to go responsive to downright punishing those that do not. The future of browsing is now.

Your website is the only thing working for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It never needs rest, it never needs a break. Let the team at MFM Synergy create your ultimate employee.



At MFM Synergy, we believed that being heard is the most critical point for a company. In the fast ever-growing world, a company must be able to distinguish itself from its competitors. SEO Solutions will focus on marketing your company and thus boosting sales.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Solutions

Mobile has taken over 70% of the internet view in the past 3 years. Therefore, a mobile app is a must feature to penetrate the markets and MFM Synergy is at the forefront of this technology solutions. We provided comprehensive solutions regarding Mobile Solution including Payment System, Social Media and also custom solutions tailored to your needs.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps Solutions